Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

"We need more than a surface mentality.."

Personally, I tend not to like denim, it has taken the impersonal style in every person globally; but let's face it.. it takes you out of a rush!

Lately, designers brands have been forced to create a "different" kind of denim to make it more glamorous. 
Now, colors are "in", you can combine it with practically any piece you want and make your outfit stylish without giving a sloopy look.

I'm starting to care about them, actually I have a pair in my closet so that's my guilty pleasure; as we all have learned on the past style guides from this blog, don't be scared when mixing colors.

Barranquilla is like a street runway show, girls in this town mostly love being fashionable and knows about what can make them look like it but honestly, a lot, have no clue about what they're doing.
You can see this colorful jeans everywhere, which I hate 'cause people really wear them just because is post it on some magazine or a shopfront from any brand in a mall but don't know where or how to wear  them; it's like seeing Avril Lavigne shopping compulsively. Awful..!!!

I dedicate this week's guide to those girls who deserve an opportunity when shopping denim is all about.
Eventhough denim is not an option to be glamorous for me, I know must of you feel completely safe with them.

As ususally, be girlie, be confident, use less denim and more dresses, trousers and skirts as much as you can.

Your mood is attached with the color you wear everyday...!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Red in the Spotlight.

Red in the Spotlight.

If you have nothing to wear, wear red! Bullshit, it's not a phrase for this color, this color deserve respect!

Red has been always the color of retro; when you think of red, inmediately you go back in time, the golden years of fashion.  A color of elegance, passion, and with an aroma of sexiness that give every piece of clothing an amazing look.!

This color demand certain rules you have to follow:

  • It's really important your confidence when have it on, it gives you a great attitude that can blow everybody's mind.
  • It can be mixed with any other but white, is so incovinient that you can look like a fake valentine's day.
  • You cannot overload your look with a monocromatic style with this color, too much is exhausting and will cause the opposite reaction.
  • A red gown is a Must in your closet, every girl should have hers to go to different events, such as weddings, graduations, premiers, etc..
In this week style guide i recommend different items to be combined with your outfit.  Red is never going to be out or uncoordinated, is a color that will  remain in style.  

Use it carefully but use it a lot; is like a smile, you never know who's going to be in love with your glow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall is the New Spring

Fall is the New Spring

Summer is already coming to an end.! We all are shopping for our new wardrobe and with it a common huge mistake which is far away from reality: black, grey and brown gamma are the season colors.. This is totally WRONG..!

As we all know, fall it's kind of depressing, seeing leaves falling out of trees, rain coming into our lives and expecting the nature to become sad; great opportunity to turn it all over, cheering up ourselves by watching the world with a colorful look.

The first step, is shopping for us, to have a happy wardrobe; try not to choose black.  In the world, designers have had experience a revolutionary change having a fall surrounded by colors, even more than spring. Why don't you?

Our world is a complete chaos,  so don't let it into your every day wardrobe too.

Go shopping with a joyful attitude, let's see colors and find out what makes us different without forgetting an important rule: excessive is also a terrible mistake, so be moderate when you combine colors.

Don't let routine and simplism make your wardrobe a cliché; skirts and dresses can be mayor ingredient, not just jeans and trousers.  Heels, boots and jackets are basics for an outfit, they're the main reason when you think, everyday, what to wear, so choose colors that combine with all your clothes.

Here's two looks to guide your fall shopping time.  Let fall come into your life with an explosion of passion; be passionate of what you are, what you do and what you DRESS...!!!!!