Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back To Basics

Back To Basics

No matter what our budget is, our closet is always full of stuff, the question is: how many items do we really need? or how many items can be used for everything?

In general, we like to shop like crazy, we buy things that we fall in love with but sometimes, things we don't really need.
When i use the phrase "things we don't really need", i mean things that we don't have anything more to match with in our closet, and can stay there for years with the price tag on. That's when Basics enter, basics are items that can be paired with almost everything in your closet.

I write considering my own experience when choosing an outfit every single day, I just wonder at 6 a.m in the rush of getting ready for work, Why in the hell I don't have a plain shirt? a shirt that you can put a necklace on and makes your outfit elegant and ready!

We have to learn how to shop things we can convert in amazing items for an outfit.  Not always basics means black and white, that's a myth, it can be a plain color.  Top or bottom, this item have to flatter you, otherwise is just a waste of money.
Why plain? Because it can be mixed with a printed item or choose any accesory and it will fit.
  • Jeans are basics because they can be combined with any kind of shoes, shirts or accesories and you are dressed for any event.
  • Choose wisely skirts and trousers, apart from being glamorous having their own personality and character, are the soul for every outfit.
  • Shoes, bags and jewerly are the complements for everything, the lack of these can make you look dull.
In this image, you can see that every top goes with every bottom, it can be mixed between them; Shoes, bags and accesories match with every outfit, there's no limit for anything and the pieces are perfect for each other. 

Shop with your brain, not with your instinct!!! Enjoy it..!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hello White NYFW

Hello White NYFW

White is the big winner in NY Fashion Week for spring 2013. 

Designers such as Nina Skarra, Christopher Esber and Parkchoonmoo have shown us the importance of white this time of the year.  Other designers including Richard Chai and Rebeca Minkoff have choosen a mixed with florals and blue for their runways.

The advantge of this color is that it can be combined with almost everything; although I don't really see the connection with red, for my taste, some designers have used it.

Considering that spring is the season where you can be "amused" with your outfit, other designers still have love for floral prints and of course, the color fever is still on. We saw much navy blue and orange. 

White is that color that brings comfort and glamour at the same time, it  makes you look elegant and sofisticated not only in the day but in the night. Angel Sanchez makes an example of how white can be used in evening dresses.

My favorite designer of all is Carmen Marc Volvo, she enjoys every design in a way that you can see it from far away.  White as usual, is present in almost every outfit but she combines it with blue, rose and shows us a classy way to wear black but with a touch of vanguard.

MB Fashion Week it will be the event of the year, the century, so feel it, know more and more about it, don't be stall in the same commercial designers, make a research and change your mind about fashion.

Encourage yourself to be in it.. Every step of the way.!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Fashion's night out is the perfect excuse to look completely iconic.  All designers are expecting to be the best night ever, so do you..!

This night is all about girls who love being trendy. Brands have made all the efforts to make their stores full with clothes and accessories for you to look nobby.
It's a huge party for fashion and as a party, you should dress like it.

Prints are my pick ups for the night.  Choose carefully, combine printed items with some plain color, they give your outfit a fresh and graceful style. Not always have to be safe, for example:

  • If the main color of your printed item is green, please, try not to choose this color, it can make you look overloaded, pick the color that show less.
  • You can mix two different kinds of printed in the same outfit, stripes for the top and florals for the bottom or the other way around; it's an uncommon combination but really amazing.
  • If you're choosing a monocromatic style, you should wear a printed shoes or clutches just to make a difference.. it's like setting your own signature.
FNO is fashion for everyone, so seize the season with your own budget, you'll find everything you want according to your wallet.

Is a night where you can show the real fashionista inside you.

Don't limit yourself by visiting only stores you already know, where you think will find everything you need, explore new ones and take a risk, a great risk that can take you fashion forward.

This Sept. 6th, show your chicest side and blow everyone's mind...! Hope you'll have a Blast...!!!!