Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back To Basics

Back To Basics

No matter what our budget is, our closet is always full of stuff, the question is: how many items do we really need? or how many items can be used for everything?

In general, we like to shop like crazy, we buy things that we fall in love with but sometimes, things we don't really need.
When i use the phrase "things we don't really need", i mean things that we don't have anything more to match with in our closet, and can stay there for years with the price tag on. That's when Basics enter, basics are items that can be paired with almost everything in your closet.

I write considering my own experience when choosing an outfit every single day, I just wonder at 6 a.m in the rush of getting ready for work, Why in the hell I don't have a plain shirt? a shirt that you can put a necklace on and makes your outfit elegant and ready!

We have to learn how to shop things we can convert in amazing items for an outfit.  Not always basics means black and white, that's a myth, it can be a plain color.  Top or bottom, this item have to flatter you, otherwise is just a waste of money.
Why plain? Because it can be mixed with a printed item or choose any accesory and it will fit.
  • Jeans are basics because they can be combined with any kind of shoes, shirts or accesories and you are dressed for any event.
  • Choose wisely skirts and trousers, apart from being glamorous having their own personality and character, are the soul for every outfit.
  • Shoes, bags and jewerly are the complements for everything, the lack of these can make you look dull.
In this image, you can see that every top goes with every bottom, it can be mixed between them; Shoes, bags and accesories match with every outfit, there's no limit for anything and the pieces are perfect for each other. 

Shop with your brain, not with your instinct!!! Enjoy it..!!!!

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