Tuesday, October 16, 2012



The most amazing things in life are simple, listening the sound of a wave, watch the sunset, buying that blouse we found in a thrift store and fell in love at first sight.

Finding our style it doesn't have to be complicated. When we forced ourselves to be someone we are not, that's when everything goes on the wrong path.

Being chic is one of the simplest thing a girl can do, you just gotta know what fits you best, how to combine different kinds of items and labels of course to make them match and last but not least, be completely aware that buying everything "in" is a total disaster.

Some people think that being trendy or in style, is running to the first clothing store and get season items.  It goes far beyond that, is choosing an item that you know is unique for you.  Your signature can be in just one item in your outfit, that's style. Simple and secure.

Thru our pass from this blog, we all have notice that simplicity is in almost every outfit, so this is also gonna be.
Your style has to be attached with being comfortable, with no exception. I don't picture myself with shoes that will kill my fingers all day long, or even worse two sizes bigger.
So simplify your outfits but always look for your style, your signature, that item that will make your outfit a blast.

The more simplicity your style have, the more confidence and glamour you will be in.  Be casual to look flattering.  Don't ever let you absorb for fashion without personality, Have your OWN....!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Luxury Winter

Luxury Winter

When winter comes, instantly we think about the holidays, sweaters, scarves, vest, coats and more coats.

We have the wrong definition about most things when it comes to weather and that's when we lose our north. For example: people, in summer think that they have no other choice but to wear, t-shirts, flats and be almost naked.  The same thing happens for other seasons, we tend to overreact about what to wear depending on the weather.

It's true that we have to be very protected for the cold winter, but not wrapped up in a bunch of wool or any kind of fabric that make us look like we have lost our brain and glamour. Also, on clothes that makes the effect like we have gain 45 pounds per day.

Outwear and winter accesories, are created to make you look stunning. Black doesn't have to be dull and your winter will have a whole new status.

To create luxury outfits, you don't have to invest tonnes of money in items that for certain, you'll wear once.

If you live in a cold or a four season city, i'm pretty sure that you must own a couple of black, grey, camel basics jackets, so try to focus your energies buying items that gives your wardrobe a stylish and chicest look. 
Thank God accesories exists, as always, you can add your outfit a smell of luxury just with a good clutch, necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets.

I'm not in favor of the "bling- bling" style, in fact, it's so trashy!. I look at some girls, that use five giants bracelets on their arms, necklaces all in one, and despite all that, they use bags with chains and cheap jewerly all over and I think for a second,"Where's a trash can so I can vomit?", Use ONE or TWO items in one outfit... Less is ALWAYS more!!!

If you love sparkle items, Lanvin have a crystal bead embellished satin clutch so elegant and full of luxury to use for any event. When it comes to jewerly, Dannijo owns perfect bracelets that gives your outfit sophistication. Scarves and jackets by All Saints, Orla Kiely, are the perfect choice for a charming boho chic style. 

Hope you'll fall in love with winter and won't make it tragic. In holidays, eat a lot, be with people you love and for the love of fashion, don't ever look like a walking cheap jewel store.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Shower Time

Shower Time

Getting invited to a shower sometimes means a headache, specially if we are working women, but the lack of time in our lives, cannot be an excuse for us to not know how to dress properly.

Is a rule for every women in this century to have time to dress perfect for the occasion, even if that means doing it at the office; Hearing a girl saying "I look awful 'cause i couldn't leave work early" is like scratching a nail in a chalkboard, that's the typical excuse girls who don't care about them have.  It's true that sometimes is really difficult for us to be on time, but it never should be difficult to have time for ourselves.

Showers are mostly at the end of the afternoon, so we have to be prepared for everything with time ahead.
If you are the kind of girl who don't have a problem going to work already dressed, do it, just with a change of accesories or shoes you're set.

Either having time to get ready or not, choose decent clothes that show some respect, you are going to celebrate the joy of someone you care not to party your ass off. Neither, these aren't events to dress like going to the movies, jeans, shorts, flats are forbidden.

A silk blouse and a wool skirt for example, are a great choice to look elegant and natural and it fits perfect to go to work too.  Stella McCartney and DVF are designers that have amazing items in their collections, you can build outfits with different items perfectly made for this kind of events.  

This three choices that I match for you are perfect to wear with confidence. These, are classy but not boring. Hope you can enjoy them and buy them of course!

Follow the rules but NEVER the pattern...!