Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Short Madness

Short Madness

I refuse to write about the typical outfit, wardrobe or whatever for the next two special days. Let's look for something fresh that takes us out of the holiday madness. 

If you are the type of girl that when the weekend comes want to look and feel completely liberated and relaxed, this looks are for you.

Now a days, shorts are everywhere and we looove them, they are functional and extremely comfortable. They have a great advantage, you can wear them for almost everything.

No matter how skinny or fit you are, shorts cannot be wear as pantyhose, perhaps you want to look like a cheap hooker, but please do the world a favor and behave!!!! The worst thing in fashion and in life is looking tacky.

I'm the kind of person that values the fabrics the most, yes, designers spend so many hours trying to design something according to you blah, blah, blah... Wrong, fabrics are EVERYTHING on a garment; you can have the most simple design but with the perfect fabric, your outfit will shine for life.  This is the particular case on shorts, being realistic, there's always the same pattern designing a short, my mistake, there's no design in a short, it's a pattern, Period!!! And of course, fabrics are heroes in these cases, they become the light in everything. For example, you can have a short with a sequin fabric and works perfectly for night, elegant and chic, but with a lace fabric you can be as same as elegant and glamorous but with a vintage touch. 

I can hear some of my friends worrying about what kind of shoes match with shorts, let's say it depends on the place you are going or the event, wedges are perfect because they stylize your siloutte and makes you glamour, and flats of course, as usually, give your outfit a more relax look. It all depends on what you want to irradiate.

I wish you wisdom and joy! This holidays will bring you a life full of fashion madness...!!!! Love and give your heart to the people who deserve it and forgive those who don't even deserve a punch..!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wild Christmas

Wild Christmas

For this season, some designers have shown entires collections about animal print. Actually, animal print have never being out but for the last few years have been entirely on the spotlight.

This print is really hard to wear (for some people), in my short age of living I have seen bizarre things, but never comparing people wearing this print from head to toe. I can't imagine a peaceful world with people with that kind of mental problems; instead of giving their outfits a vibrant look, they end up looking like a lions cutthroats. This particular print, as hard and cruel as it sounds, is for fit and healthy people if you want to use it plenty of times in one outfit at a time.

Roberto Cavalli, in my opinion, is the owner of this print and the one and only that can make a complete outfit with it and still create a master piece.

This winter, besides fabrics made out with this animal illusion, some designers have add them sequins. Sequins are amazing to give the perfect glow an outfit should get. We have to be very subtle at the time of wearing them because too much can be quite catastrophic.

As I show above, animal print is better to be used as a plus, not as the main in the outfits.

Anyway, whatever print you decide to wear, be sure that are a total fake fur. We cannot let many lives of great animals died because some shallow desire.

Protect our nature and all the creatures in it...!