Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What About Yellow...

What About Yellow...

"Yellow is the golden color".. In my last two entries I have become a "golden girl", I have a yellow gamma fixation, maybe it's because all the changes my life is going thru; but anyway, I already told you that this is the golden year and yellow is the most bright and loud color of the spectrum.

Wearing this particular color can get you at the top of fashion or can put you right on the zoo, there's no in between. I have said many years that if you wear yellow with black for example, you can look like a bird, a fearful one, well, this can be a stupid thought unless you are blind. 

It's a color with personality itself and needs another color by its side that can be neutral, that can give yellow all the attention that deserves. Besides, it's a rule that you cannot have two or more strong colors in one outfit.

People with confidence and great personality knows how to wear it, it's not difficult either, even the accesories are easy to wear with it, and, it depends on the mood you are charging the day you're wearing it.

I don't know if you guys remember this, but it's a gown that changed my perception of this color, the yellow gown that wore Kate Hudson on the movie " How to lose a guy in 10 days", if you remember, she wasn't wearing anything but the dress, not even much makeup and the dress talked by itself, it was completely stunning . That's the thing with this color, you don't need to effort yourself by looking for perfect matches because there's not, the color is vibrant and alive!

I took the audacity to choose this outfits for you, to have an idea of how to use it, but you have to be certain that you can wear it with absolutely nothing by its side and the color will shine with you.

Don't be a coward, much people are, and dare to get all the attention you deserve even for one day.

"Don't let the opinions of others consume you."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Just B & W

Just B & W

Black and white is the new floral for spring 2013. This coming spring, black and white will take control of streets everywhere.  
When we think about this basic hues, we don't have the notion that they can match perfectly together creating a spectacular outfit.

It has been on my mind since I remember, that if I wear, for example, a white blouse with a black trouser, I can look exactly like a waitress. I don't want to devalue a waitresses job, but it's inevitable to think that they look awful in that "costume"; But, only if we choose great pieces for in an outfit, we can create a master piece.

Monochromatic has always been an excellent choice, and what better than black or white. These are hues that really contrast with any kind of skin, high, weight, etc..  This time we're matching exclusively this two colors, but remember, you can add some other color properly, green, yellow, blue shoes or bags and still keep your season style.

Designers have left the classic patterns to move a little forward, it's an incredible idea considering that mixing basic color with basic pattern is too much of a restaurant uniform style. That's the main reason why they create strip, florals, any printed fabrics with this two hues for this season. But be careful, use printed but with moderation.

Also, something that I fell in love with, is that gold (remember my last entry) is it's soulmate!! They complement each other, they look awsome together. So there's your accesories option. Done! you have the look!!!

Complete your outfit with a sparkle of positivism, an ounce of passion, an inch of unbridled love and take it to the streets..!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Golden Dash

Golden Dash

Welcome 2013, thirteen the year when all my dreams (hopefully yours) will come true.

This year, fashion is going to be at the top of the rock, it's going to be the golden year.  I'm saying that because we leave behind all the crazy fashion baggage that revolve all shop-windows this past holidays around the globe with sequins everywhere and let the golden chic dash enter in our wardrobes.

We started with spring 2013, we still have a colorful collections, but designers as Tibi, Christian Siriano, Cushnie Et Ochs, Jason Wu, among others are still in the comfort zone presenting entire collections of black and white runways.  As you all know, I'm a huge fan of DVF and her spring collection is impeccable taking us out of the plain and showing us a pattern spring. She accessorize her outfits with golden belts which I completely adore! Golden belts are perfect to give your outfit a different turn. Tracy Reese spring collection, everything is perfect, and if you see every design is fresh and colorful with great details as spring allows you to wear, but you can add them a small bite of light with a beautiful golden belt touch which in my opinion was absence. 

The incredible thing about belts is that they are a must in outfits, specially golden belts, they match with monochromatic and print fabrics, you don't need to match them with shoes or bags, in fact, awful idea if you do that! You can find them with all kind of prices according with your budget.

Now, we had a lot of sparkle this winter that was overwhelming at the end, but, as this year is another story, fashion become golden chic with just a little dash in everything and what better than in your accesories, nothing huge, nothing blinding, just a brilliant touch. 

Dare to wear them, you will not ever regret it! 

Tip: when you're going belt shopping, make sure the material that golden belt is made, don't rust, and peal with nothing, they are cheap materials like steel that last for life.