Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Street Universe

Street Universe

In the streets everyone feels free and safe to wear whatever they want, but they don't realize this is the place they are on the spotlight.

If we sit for a while on a corner, eating some ice cream, coffee or just chatting, we'll find all amazing styles passing by. 

There's a saying, quote " if you are a lawyer, you're going to think like one, every day, every minute". As fashion designers, we are really aware of everything that involves clothes, make up, shoes, accesories, etc.  When we see a person walk into a room, we instantly stick our beautiful eyes on them, it's unconscios, like breathing, and we start to qualify the style, chicness, and if we see something "out of the ordinary" we want to go to that person to give some advice about how to wear it properly; and of course, sometimes we compliment the person if we have to. 

The thing is, we study everything just to see what the next trend is going to be. Streets are our universe. Yes, designers are inspired by this and that every season, but the reality is that the people who set what the next trend is, only look into the streets of the world. There's a book that everybody in fashion knows best, this book show us fabrics, colors, textures, all that designers needs to know about the next season, is "the book of tendencies" and it's all made by people like us that immerse into the streets to look for the perfect style. The difference is that they do it for money, we do it for free everyday. 

We are so into streets that we worried everyday about what to wear either to impressed someone or ourselves; but we constantly are thinking about going out with style. 

This week style guide is about everything, not a special trend, just something you can wear for a little walk on the city streets or to a special place. Anyway, remember that no matter your style is, keep it clean. No matter where you go, be glamourous. 

My besties,

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pointed-Toe Pumps

Pointed-Toe Pumps

Shoes are the determined factor for an outfit. You can either make it simple or make it glamorous.

For the next coming seasons, the pointed-toe pumps are going to be highly attractive for someone who wants to look stylized.

We can find them at any color, any price but these kind of pumps are well-known by the heel high, the proper high is middle, a heel about 4-5 cms top, nothing super high is going to make you look more or less stylized; the idea of these pumps is exactly as it name say it, pointed-toe, they already stylized your figure as much as it need to be.

As usually, I have my "dont's" when it comes to mix it with some other garment. This kind of shoes are really flexible, but the only thing I don't like too much to wear it with, is a wide boot trouser or jean and maxi dresses. This is a shoe that needs to be recognize, needs to be shown to look glamour, to complete its function, and with those garments, makes the opposite reaction, just showing the point of the pumps makes it look disgusting.

Pointed toe pumps work perfectly with shorts or mid long skirts and dresses, trousers, capri pants, shorts and skinny jeans.

Hopefully this classic pumps are going to be in our closets for too long, appreciate them!

"I still have my feet on the ground, I just wear better shoes."- Oprah

"It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes, that's why you sometimes need really special shoes."- C. Bradshaw

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pop Up

Pop Up

One of my very best friends is getting married, and of course, with that wedding comes a lot of events, showers, invitations everywhere and we are the ones that have to prepare those bachelorette showers, we, her soulmates.

This is where creativity starts to work. We have so many events and a stricted closet; yes, stricted because as much as we love shopping, we aren't a Kardashian to buy a complete outfit every two days, but we have so much to play with, shoes, bags, necklaces and hair styles!!!

The first step is looking thru our clothes to really know what we count on with, sometimes, and this happen all the time, we have stuff hidden that we don't remember and can still work it out, maybe we find some vintage skirt that you can match it up with a great two old month blouse.

Some rule that we never, ever can forget is that the attention goes only and exclusively for the bride, anyone else, anyone!!! I've seen some cases that the bride "friends" look completely out of shade. We have to focus on looking appropiate, with style and glamour, we are the hostesses.

I recommend heels, stilettos, wedges, pumps, whatever your style is but high; for bags, clutches match with this kind of events perfectly, sober and classy; necklaces and bracelets, it depends on how shiny you want to look, but not too much is my advice; and for fabrics, vaporous like silk or chiffon are extraordinary stunning, denim, drill or cotton are forbidden! If you are in a cold weather city, use jackets with a little brilliant touch and a little more accentuated make up too.

Thanks for keep reading me, enjoy every step of the way, be funny and a smart made of honor and don't ever try to win the bouquet!