Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Street Universe

Street Universe

In the streets everyone feels free and safe to wear whatever they want, but they don't realize this is the place they are on the spotlight.

If we sit for a while on a corner, eating some ice cream, coffee or just chatting, we'll find all amazing styles passing by. 

There's a saying, quote " if you are a lawyer, you're going to think like one, every day, every minute". As fashion designers, we are really aware of everything that involves clothes, make up, shoes, accesories, etc.  When we see a person walk into a room, we instantly stick our beautiful eyes on them, it's unconscios, like breathing, and we start to qualify the style, chicness, and if we see something "out of the ordinary" we want to go to that person to give some advice about how to wear it properly; and of course, sometimes we compliment the person if we have to. 

The thing is, we study everything just to see what the next trend is going to be. Streets are our universe. Yes, designers are inspired by this and that every season, but the reality is that the people who set what the next trend is, only look into the streets of the world. There's a book that everybody in fashion knows best, this book show us fabrics, colors, textures, all that designers needs to know about the next season, is "the book of tendencies" and it's all made by people like us that immerse into the streets to look for the perfect style. The difference is that they do it for money, we do it for free everyday. 

We are so into streets that we worried everyday about what to wear either to impressed someone or ourselves; but we constantly are thinking about going out with style. 

This week style guide is about everything, not a special trend, just something you can wear for a little walk on the city streets or to a special place. Anyway, remember that no matter your style is, keep it clean. No matter where you go, be glamourous. 

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