Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The A List !

The A List !

This week style guide is all about the Must-Have of the spring.

I try to recommend some fashion but basic pieces that you can combine and wear with anything and still look reem.

Neutral color block, as you all know, grey + black +white, beside being the season colors, it's the most arty mix you create; simple, clean, basic, chic and stylish.

Black/white jackets: a plus required in every closet, this basics can add a simple glam to your outfit staying colorful on the inside and drive it towards classy. 

Grey trousers: I choose a wide boot one, this are very comfortable, and versatile; try them with wedges or flats, they can be match with a great chiffon blouse, if you want color, add a light blue or yellow. It's a day-night time garment with no doubt. 

Denim Top: denim has never been an option, but this denim tops has become iconic. They are totally a wild-west style, but brands has made an effort to transform them into a city girlie style without taking away their essence; they give a new fresh look and if you wear it right, they're sexy as well. 

Skirt: this navy blue stripe one is a great choice. Blue is similar to black but with no limitations, any color work with blue and horizontal stripes makes you look thin and are the trend right now. 

Dress: the LBD (little black dress) was a vital piece for this spring, I said "was" because I choose a coral plain dress, for daytime you can add some floral flats or heels and a gold accesories and for evening, a floral scarf and a jacket and you are set. It's a grateful color, spring means nothing without color. Perfect color to match, grey, nude or black. 

Shoes: of course, a pointed-toe black louboutins are an absolutely must, they are my favorites for the season, they are super stylized and I don't have to explain how to match them, you already know; they speak for themselves! 
And a great pair of wedges, match perfectly with trousers, skirts, dresses,for work,for a date, they can get you anywhere; try them on a plain color that you can combine with anything. They are super comfy and chic at a time. 

Bags: a black basic one, where you can put all the things you need and take it to any event; and a cross body bag for a hands free day or night and a boho-chic look. 

Gold accessories for a glam glam look and that's about it! 

See you next week!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Harem Pants

Harem Pants

Lately, we are all talking about comfort, we are in the seeking of how convert our lives lees complicated and more comfortable.

Harem pants have it all, definitely they are super comfy and chic. Well, it all depends on what you want to irradiate, but the essence of this clothing piece is that no matter where you go, you have to be certain that looking fresh is one of the multiple qualities this pants have. They are casual, can be wear for the office, a night out and for an afternoon date. They're back from the 80's but more stylish. Heels are their soulmate to look completely glamorous.

Of course they have some rules you need to follow to look proportional. 

You cannot wear something too heavy or width at the top just to level it up with the bottom.  
This pants aren't made for small people, they shorten your figure and make you look smaller. 
They are more refined, silk and chiffon are the masters of that transformation; and thank God it is, because we can properly wear them without looking sloppy and cotton can make that effect. 
Always have in mind that if you choose a printed fabric for the bottom, choose plain for the top and the other way around; this pants does not allow you to wear them otherwise, they have a different cut that makes your hips look a little bit wider. 

Heels are super chic, but your chicness or attitude doesn't disappear if you try a great pair of flats. In fact, there are enormous kinds of flattering ones.

Accessories are completely enable, but remember, "less is more".

Hope this three styles I matched, fulfill your needs and expectations. All your comments are very welcome as usually. Try harems and spread the joy!