Friday, April 19, 2013

Skirty Skirts

Skirty Skirts

Skirts have been worn by men and women from many cultures, their names vary between Lungi, kanga and sarong in South Asia and kilt in Scotland and Ireland.

Since 1860's skirts started to change style, they were floor lenght; became short in the 1920's and even shorter in the 30's, up until our days. Skirts have always been a sign of feminism  and status. The are the most feminine garment one can have in an outfit.

There are too many types of skirts, A-line, poodle, mini, pencil, praine,  to name a few, and you can choose whichever your style is for any kind of event that you have. 

Skirts are always going to make you look flattering, is the thing about them, doesn't matter if they are shorts or long. Eventhough it have been worn by men for too long, it makes them look feminine too! XD

This time I have choosen three kinds of skirt that you can wear everyday at anytime. 

To work, I recommend not to use minis, you have to be professional on what you do and what you are. You are not going to sell yourself. I don't agree either with those that are too attached to your skin, it makes you look tacky and the kind of girl nobody wants to have in their companies. Unless, you are the type of girl that apply to a job to get a one night stand. Try to choose more comfortable and elegant skirts, an A-line, maxi or mid leg skirt is a great choice, and if you like colors, printed and all colours are allowed! 

For a date or a girls night out, choose whichever your style is, there's no limits, what makes you feel sexy, chic and glam, try it inmediately! 

Skirts are easy to wear, and easy to combine. I personally think that is the most versatile garment on our closets, works for everything and is a girl trademark! Match it with any kind of shoes that you want to put it in. A girl never has enough skirts.

Have a blasting Weekend! 

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