Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Boho on Maxi

Boho on Maxi

Since summer is coming, we all are thinking about chic stuff to wear. That's why maxi dresses are on our spotlight, they scream out loud summer and freshness. Hot days never means unveiled tacky clothes. 

This particular garment is one of the best choices one can have; they have a thing, is a complete two faces item. The first face is the one that I picked up for this guide, boho chic style, so that's exactly the way I enjoy wearing them and the other face the have is super glam, but they use a different name when that happens, gowns. So when I refer as maxi, I'm inmediately think Bohemian look. 

I'm always talking about comfort in all my guides, but I personally think this one can define exactly what we are constantly seeking. They have a gown touch that you can wear in basic terms.

Well, let's start by giving you choices at the time to wear them. 

First of all, shoes, always about shoes, flats are the excelent choice, they are the piece that defines your boho look, in fact, they are the soul of boho and super summer suitable. 

To give this outfit that chic touch, one shoulder clutches are the main garment, eventhough casual bags are allowed too. 

Don't overload your outfit with too much accessories, for example a one big beautiful necklace is enough if you want to stand out. 

This boho outfits are made for any occasion, so don't limit yourself this summer without picking at least one!

Renew your wardrobe this season by shopping maxies, is a total must have.

"Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds." Coco Chanel. 


Roxana said...

Nice post and I love the accessories!


Taylor Hart said...

Love these maxi dresses and accessories! I'm big into the BOHO look and these examples are just perfect for summer. Cute bloggy. Following. I would love if you checked out my latest post and tell me what you think.

Jyoti Rana said...

nice post.. maxi is so my style.. and dey are perfect to wear in summer..