Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Sunset

Summer Sunset

I live on a great city by the beach, my days are always sunny, and my weekends fav plan include sunsets and the ocean! It's part of who I am, so I kind of have an idea of how to wear properly to a beach time. 

First of all, beach is synonim of freshness, is a complete moment of relax, even if you are going to a beach party or a spring break! ;) You can look absolutely chic without having much effort. 

Bathing suits are unlimited, you just have to choose whichever your body feels comfortable. I like to color it up a lot, sequins are a great touch; one piece bathing suits are super nice for a beach event, a trip on a yatch or just because you love them; in fact, I  don't wear them too much, but I find them really attractive, I think is one of the glamorous pieces when it comes to a beach day. Bikinis and two pieces strapless  are more for a tanning day, you can play buying a one color piece combining with a printed top piece. 

Sometimes I see subhumans wearing stilettos, wtf? is totally wrong, they are inadequate! Imagine how difficult is to walk in the sand with them and how uncomfortable you look. The only reason that I kind of accept wearing heels, wedges or whatever with a bathing suit is an indoor party at night. Don't complicate yourself wearing something that looks awful and tacky. Flats are exactly what you need, the one and 

Cover ups are indispensable, they work as dresses at the same time. They come in different kind of fabrics, but I recommend chiffon, this is a fresh fabric for a hot day. 

Choose a big bag, where you can put all your stuff in there, towels, tanning oils, sunglasses, everything you need for a beach sunset day. Basket totes are super glam and match amazing! Choose a lot of color!

Accessorize your outfit with long necklaces and a hippie chic bracelets; hats beasides protect you from the sun makes the elegance effect. 

For this summer, great music, use sunblocks, we have to be very careful with our skin, we don't need cancer or wrinkles for sure! Don't forget a great cosmopolitan and a huge smile! 

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Love the items you selected! :)