Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Taurus On The Go

Taurus On The Go

The most intelligent and creative sign of the zodiac. As creative as we are, we have the faculty to see in little things, big qualities, so that apply to fashion as well.

Tauruses sense of style is absolutely part of them. They aren't leaders but followers either, that's why most of them have their personal style. Their personal brand. 

This sign is not as much of a vanguardist, they prefer chic but classic. High quality fabrics are primary choices when it comes to choose some for an outfit; they pay attention to "small" details.  Their personal style is influenced by prefering quality before brand, eventhough they're into glam glam. 

Looking their best to go out is a rule, they don't leave home without being put together from head to toe. 
Matching the same color more than twice in one outfit is forbidden; they like to combine colors,  textures, printed, always by keeping it into the same gamma, nothing too outrageous or costume style. 
Taurus knows exactly how to make a classy look become outstanding.

Vintage is a must, they love history and garments that have some romantic story behind them. Also, they like unique itmes that you only going to find once in your life.

You are never going to see a taurus wearing chains or tacky accessories, they like to mantain a discrete and elegant look. "Less is More", completely apply for this part of the outfit, they can spend millions on jewerly but with class. They aren't the "show off" type. They center their eyes on rare, odd items. 

If you are a taurus, hopefully you'll completely indetify yourself with this style guide.

"Don't ever questioned a taurus fashion style, they'll eat you alive."


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