Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Autumm, the best season of the year. You can see all fall down but with the certainty that everything will grow up again and more stronger than ever.  A fresh start is ahead of us!

Well, that happens in fashion too, or so I think. The newest trends are on streets in fall. The greatness of this season is that brands and designers put all the efforts together to embellished our clothes so our outfits as well.

Wool, cashmere are some of the popular fabrics to wear. So, to not make this garments boring, we can find, for example, embroidered velvet pieces. 

For this style guide, I choose two different outfits. Both are super glam, with different style that can be worn for almost evrything. 

The one at your left, you can find an embroidered crepe jacket, a classic embossed leather clutch and a studded boot; these three pieces embellished your outfit for fall. You can see how elaborately, rich and subtle these garments are, a little rocker and accessorize it to radiate a sense of refinement.

For the outfit at your right, I picked an embroidered clutch, wool dress and a suede ankle booties. This is a less recharged outfit and more of a ladylike.  The dress stands out your silhouette. The striped biker blazer brings color and a feminine touch. The clutch and the boots is what show us the embellished trend and the accessories makes it totally roco chic!

Make it simple but be aware of the details. Wear everything that makes you flattering. 

“I love autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” ―Lee Maynard

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Trendy Fall

Trendy Fall

Preparing to receive fall, shopping is one of the biggest plans some girls have on their agendas right now. 

I don't live in a city with the four beautiful seasons all year long, but I remember exactly when I was in New York hurrying myself up to get the best of fall outfits; so I try to pick my three besties trends for this season, pencil skirts, moto jackets and ankle boots. 

Pencil skirts are totally versatile, eventhough they can be wear for certain events, such as work, to an opening show , dates, etc. This is a classis but glam piece. 
There are some people who think they are a "non comfortable" garment to wear, I can't disagree more, of course they aren't a very loose item, but you can be sure that what you are wearing is totally framed for you. The long is what makes it feminine, and fits your body giving the sexy chic touch. Nothing too sluty or tacky. It depends on the set of items you are pairing it with or the place you are wearing them too. 

I match my skirt with a crop top, which is girlie girl style and with a moto jacket that gives rock to this.

Moto jackets are a talking garment, for real, they sing rock too! This is the garment that doesn't need another piece to compose a style. They can look a little heavy and sloopy if you wear them with careless clothes, but like this isn't our style, we match it up with perfect items that makes it look stylish and fashionable. This time, is a mix between chic and rock style. Stunning!!

And last, shoes, my fav, fav part of the look. Ankle botties besides being on trend, are one of the classic items for fall. I choose this plain boots, 'cause with the jewerly and the golden zippers on the jacket, more sparkle is too much. But you can find studded boots for a more rocker style. This boots works with leggings, jeans, too.

I now present you my outfit for fall, hope you like it, enjoy it and buy it!

"It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory of fashion that heralds your arrival and prolongs your departure." Coco Chanel. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013



Medellín ha sido testigo de la feria de moda más importante en Colombia. 

ColombiaModa es una feria que abarca todo el mundo fashionista y todas las mejores marcas, diseñadores, revistas y bloggers del país tienen que estar al tanto de ella. Mucha variedad de cosas para hacer en ésta semana de la moda, conferencias con importantes diseñadores, expositores como Kevin M. Burke presidente de American Apparel & Footwear Association de Estados Unidos, conferencia sobre tendencias de moda con WGSN, entre otros,  estuvieron presentes. 

El street style es nuestro target; está claro que los 80 han vuelto para quedarse, ésta feria no ha sido la excepción. Desde colores neon hasta chaquetas blusón fueron indispensables entre los participantes. 

Lo más llamativo fueron las ankle booties que están arrasando con el estilo urbano.  Joyería chic punk, shorts, leggins y todo muy vintage siguen tomándose las calles de éste país. 

Esta semana tengo un estilo muy ochentero llevándolo a la nueva era sin perder el glam que identifica éste blog.  

Teniendo en cuenta que la ciudad de la eterna primavera nos permite usar todo tipo de prendas, las chaquetas para la noche pueden ser un "must", en éste caso, para seguir la tendencia, escogí una chaqueta blusón muy popular en los 80.  Las ankle booties por supuesto, para darle un toque más "urbanischic", una chanel vintage clutch y las cadenas sugestivas que tanto amamos no podían faltar. 

Cada tendencia y estilo debe llevar tu propia firma, tu propia manera de llevar tu outfit y como hemos visto en posts pasados, teniendo en cuenta hacia dónde vas a ir con dicho outfit. 

Colombiamoda se quedó con mi corazón, una feria completa, con gente de todo el mundo. Muy versátil.

Pueden bajar la aplicación para móviles y tener toda la información más detallada. 

"A menudo tengo la impresión de que la moda asusta a mucha gente. Y como les da miedo, la critican. En la moda hay algo que, a veces, pone a la gente muy nerviosa....Sin embargo yo estoy enamorada de ella."
-Anna Wintour

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cotton Dreams

Cotton Dreams

Printed shirts were popular on the 80's, tank tops with rock bands and lyrics printed on them. Now, after 30 years, we call them vintage t-shirts.

Cotton has always give the impression to be less glam and more sporty style, which I agree, but in the XXI century, we are aware of how to combine garments and styles to make an extraordinary outfit. 

The thing is, to know the style you are going to choose. Pairing chic items with our cotton shirts is what makes it more charming. It gives the feeling that you did no effort to stylized your outfit and still looks stunning as it is.

You can see on this choices I picked, what can fit with your style.
  • Shorts with stilettos for a hot day date, lunch or ice cream walk. 
  • Maxi skirt with wedges to work or dinner with the one you love.
  • And a short skirt with a crop top for a night out or a barbecue!
I choose clutches for the three outfits to make it look more girlie, but you can pick a big bag and still get the glam vibe.

Don't be afraid to accessorize your shirts with sparkling jewerly, thats when you put a different touch.

"Don't let your fears interfere with your dreams."