Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Milan Fashion Week..!

Last but not least. This is a sneak peak of what Milan has brought us for Spring - Summer 2014. Some of my favs runways and designers!

Every fashion week of the most important cities in fashion has offered us a complete different runway shows with stunning looks. Milan, of course, has reunited the best of the best. I personally adore this one, very colorful, maintaining next season trends. Versatile!

My top and fav designer, Roberto Cavalli has still amazed me with his SS collection. Organized by colours, presented an impeccable runway. Pink, light blue, black and white, grey has giving life to the season. Animal print is his signature so we cannot missed this new snake printed fabrics. A lot of details with sparkles, chiffon, moto girlie jacket. An air of bohemian look. 

Jil sander, with a black and white runway, love the crop trend, capri pants and a little oversized style. Minimalist. A total white look, the huge sleeves for dresses balanced with high waist belts. Gives a little colour with abstract printed colorful outfits. Completely glam!

MSGM, edgy, colorful with new proffers for next season! Totally wearable. Orange, yellow and light blue are the ones that shine together. Chiffon blouses with overimposed dresses. Bold skirts, crop trend that will keep fitting our closets. Absolutely agree with matching stripes with flowers garments. Boho chic style with maxi dresses. Nailed it!!!

ETRO, different textures, chiffon printed colorful garments, paisley print which gives an ethnic vibe, a must for next season! Total boho. Handmade crochet tops, retro and feminine. This was an absolutely stunning runway. The pocket detail on the dresses gives personality and comfort. 

What I enjoyed the most of this Milan fashion week was that I saw a lot of fresh trends, very comfy, remain the feminine side of fashion. Bohemian looks were prevailing on most designers. Love it completely. Milan still shows us why is the capital of fashion. 

" Everything in Milan feels a little hyperbolic these days, or more than usual."- Cathy Horyn - New York times review 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In sights of 2014.!

In sights of '14.!

We are in major leagues of fashion weeks.  Madrid and London are now on the spotlight.

This week style guide is a little bit different, I choose two outfits to wear for this kind of events; a mix of what's in trend with the in sights of colours and fabrics for spring 2014.

On Madrid fashion week, I could say that yellow is the big winner.  Sara Coleman, Devota & Lomba and Roberto Torretta have shown us collections with this bright colour. Black and white are still on, of course. Shorts, pencil skirts, geometric forms on clutches and clothes. 
Devota & Lomba bet for vaporous dresses and a lot of 60's on the runway. Completely agree with Lorretta and his magnificent way to match leather and satin in one collection.

On London fashion week, Peter Pilotto bring us a colorful collection, amazing! Crop tops, bold skirts, chiffon dresses with abstract and flowers print, again geometric forms, very prolix. Burberry Prosum, pastel colours, embroidered garments, a lot of sparkle on the runway, pencil skirts, lace fabric, a very romantic collection. Vivienne Westwood, one of my favorites, eclectic runway, very versatile, she has shown us pieces like belts, skirts and capri pants tights to the waist, grey, one of the top colours, stripes and flowers printed fabrics.

These are one of the top trends we are going to see next spring. I try to choose some runways that in my opinion, gather the best of the season. In comparison with New York, this two cities have been more colorful and edgy. 

Back to my two outfits for this week, bold skirts are totally in, following by the crop trend, florals and yellow which make a remarkable appearance in MBFW.

Fashion is supposed to be funny. Make your day/evening hilarious with clothes. Never, ever loose your style. Be chic and glam. Be confident and love everyone that loves you back! Enjoy leaves fall! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

This fall New york City is once again the center of the world. The world of fashion is concentrated in each and every part of this huge event via magazines, blogs, runways, front row or whatever, we all have our eyes on it.

Designers and brands show us the best of their collections for the spring of 2014. The latest trends, fabrics, colours for this time of the year. 
What amazed me the most about some collections is that for more effortless they seem, the background and the people behind it, makes it absolutely great.

I have seen a lot of black and white on many collections, these two colours are and will be still on the spotlight.

Diane Von Furstenberg on her "Oasis" collection included b&w colours, printed chiffon fabrics with red and blue completely accord with the trend, jumpsuits and crop tops  make their appearence to remind us why they are amazing options to wear. Naomi Campbell shine on the runway with a gorgeous black-golden dress. My fav were the shoes, stunning shoes, the mixed with black and white printed with orange, nice touch!

I honestly don't know how to organize my thoughts about Zac Posen. He have it all, but this spring, I'm not so sure. The collection, for me, looked messy, too much in one piece. Volume, satin, chiffon, hand-paint organza were some of the details for the runway. Eventhought the pastel colours are a good choice, they weren't perfect for the dresses. His collections are distinguished to be structure and perfect. Hope he can nail it next time.

My exclamation point are for:
Ralph Rucci, simple and glam, impeccable, great combinations with nude, melon colours. A lot of black, white, gold, sparkles everywhere. Completely stylized.
Rebecca Minkoff with floral print and aztec trend captivated the audience. The mexico top were the perfect definition for her collection inspired on the beautiful country. Hair and make-up evoking Frida Kahlo. 
Tibi, Rag & Bone, Alice + Olivia, keep dressing us perfectly with the crop trend, capri pants for an everyday outfits. Perfect runways. 
Jason Wu with a feminine collection, each evening dress was stunning. Satin lace-up skirts, embroidered metallics, with corsets which lent silhouettes a sexier edge. 

I can keep going and going with my most desirable designers or brands, but then I will have to write a complete magazine, so that's all for today. I like almost every runway I have seen so far. 

For this week outfits, I choose two styles to wear for any fashion show or runway. They have a little piece of every chic spring trend. 

NYFW is still on, so keep tune in Style accents.!

To watch all the runways for NYFW, check this link: http://www.elle.es/pasarelas

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Oversized Crush

Oversized Crush

One of the top trends for this fall has everything to do with oversizing garments, specially coats. We've seen it on new York, Paris, London fashion weeks.

This trend is supposedly an easy-to-wear shape but works only with some pieces and it won't flatter an average woman, so I find a contradiction on what designers sold us for an idea and if this is going to be a "stay" season trend. I've been watching this trend emerge over the last couple years so I think it could work out for the best this Autumn, besides fashion on 2013 has given a turn and more people are willing to try something new and edgy without leaving out their chic style aside.

Designers such as Stella McCartney and Balenciaga has presented us a great working collection about this trend. Completely impeccable and versatile. Commercial brands like H&M, french connection, Asos has adapted this trend into their collections giving us a multiple choices to pick. 

Not everyone's a follower with the oversize trend on coats, so that's why we can find different kinds of garments like clutches, dresses, scarves, hats, all you need to get the trend without having just one option. 

This is also a little masculine. The brand XXL show us exactly the combination of both styles on their jackets. If you like them, they are a must for fall!. Some designers has add shoulder pads to get a more bulky and structure piece.

On this week style guide, I choose two outfits with an oversized jackets. The third one with an oversized sweater for those who doesn't want to wear too muh fabric.
Notice that clutches and handbags are oversize too but with the subtle touch to balance the piece.

Fit in and work it out! Always give a step forward!