Wednesday, October 30, 2013



Halloween is a reality either we like it or not. It's a special day to go trick or treat even for fashion! We can play with matching clothes that look costumes, make up, etc. 

Be in disguise is not a great choice for me, but I like to wear something according to the day.   Some designers have created masks for us to play with, also, you can choose different trends (that I'm going to show here) for your outfit to set up as your own personal "costume".

The LBD is a classic in terms of wearing something that looks "creepy", besides no girl can ever go wrong with it, it's always a good idea to look stylized and elegant. 

Furs are this season must. With all the animal protection, which I completely support, we find all kinds of synthetic dye fur garments, colorful and for all types of women. This item can add a funky look to your outfit.

other trend that we've been talking about is the XXL trend, now in accessories. Collections inspired in the 80's, creative and with rock touches that brings a whole renovated style. Donna Karan black choker completely innovative, fits perfect with our look. 

I made a total black look to get more halloweenish and add some colours like the fur Balmain jacket, a golden clutch and the shoes brings chicness; it's a look for you to wear it anywhere.

If your own dreams scare you, you're going on the right direction! But don't let them scare you to give up! NEVER!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Total Blue

Total Blue

Blue has been going on and on in the fashion industry for the last few years. Apparently, is a "stay" hue.

Since I've been talking about the trend hues for this season, I could say this is my fav. If you notice, I use blue in almost every one of my posts.  I can say with honesty, that this fall have it all, it have so many trends and colours that spare us options to wear, also,  have adopted trends from the past and bring it completely renewed. It's like the vintage evolution of fashion. 

Anyway, back to our lovely colour, cobalt, royal, electric, navy are this fall stylish hue. This is classy, strong and with flashes of a royalty status. It makes any garment shine by its own. I think it gives personality to a runway or to the streets. 

The outfit that I picked up for this week is inspired by a total look. I make the classic combination of black and blue which in my personal opinion, is completely elegant and chic. A monochromatic look is also appropiate and very atylish, it depends on the garment you are wearing, but this time I try to be out of the conventional eventhough this is classical. You can see the essence of the colour and how structure it is despite it's combined with another strong colour. Blue never fades away. 

Blue is an easy colour, don't let yourself intimidate by its vibe of superiority. Choose wisely at the time to match it up with any other colour, let it be the center of attention. 

"I'm like a psychologist, I can discover the panther inside a woman and then, boosh! I can give her power!!!"- Giuseppe Zanotti. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013



Varsity jackets were originally worn by school/college students to represent their team. 

The last couple of years, these jackets have gain leadershipon the fashion world for being a piece of garment that gives status to the outfit.

This is a comfortable piece, usually to wear with sporty pieces but as they become so popular, brands have adopted them and and has given us too many options to make it more chic and to combine them with any kind of style/outfit.

Much celebrities also has shown us glam ways to match these jackets with. 

I chose three different jackets to wear with either of both outfits.  Accessorize them with new wave necklaces, semi botties stilettos and clutches/bags with a girlie vibe. This way you can get it more stylished and appropiate for any other style. 

"It's a new era in fashion, there are no rules.  It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers together." Alexander McQueen 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

All In One

All In One

This week style guide have a little bit of some of the biggest trends for this season. 

Full skirts are one of the garments that speaks louder itself.  This piece is a must have for your wardrobe. You can find yourself full of chicness with one of these. The great thing about them is that they have the versatility to be worn with either a tank top, a blouse or a vintage printed t-shirt and still look fab and the skirt will never loose its value. 

I completely recommend stilettos, with stripes or a pointed toe pumps. Printed fabrics for full skirts are proper to give enhancement to the outfit. I totally vote for printed among plain colours.

Blazers are totally appropriate for fall of course, so I chose for this one, colour. Burgundy is one of the trend hues for this season. It isn't a colour that can limit yourself at the time to combine it with another colour garment; you can match it with all kind of gamma colours, yellow, green, pink, blue, etc. 

My pointed toe pumps are burgundy as well, plain to make a balance with the printed skirt.

A Valentino pink clutch that gives a romantic soft side to the outfit. And, of course, full skirts totally deserves clutches, they fit perfectly for a glam vibe. 

To accessorize my outfit, an orange necklace, it's a warm hue and besides being on trend have the ability to make it colorful, to enlighten the whole outfit.

A pink scarf to protect yourself from cold weather without leaving your style behind. 

Keep watching everything around you that can inspire you. Combine without fear. Have a blast week!


Orange by Bill Cunningham

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bienvenue à Paris..

One of the top vanguardist fashion weeks of the world. In Paris we see glam, complete glamorous styles. The runways and the streets inhale chicness.

Paris is full of vanguard. Designers has presented us new strategies to run fashion. In my opinion, midi skirts and male jackets has taken the front row. 

As usually, I chose some designers that exactly define what I want to comunicate in terms of what fashion week focus the most. Feminity!

Stella McCartney, always distinguished by her feminine collections. This time a 60's silhouette, jumpsuits and oversized jackets with python printed fabrics, carrot pants tight to the waist which gives elegance and stylized your figure. Silk pants and pencil skirts with flower printed fabrics inspired by the season. 

Collette Dinnigan, honestly, for me, she totally nailed it. If feminism is a runway, this is it. Monochromatic, minimalism looks. You see this runway and you feel romanticism, made for a day on the lake watching the sunset with your beloved, day time wedding, outdoor dinners.  Black, white, red and blue are her trend colours for the next season. Delicate laces contrast the outfits for a more defining look. Love the touch with the underwear, nothing tacky, very classy. 

Nina Ricci, almost a total white runway, with a grey touches and a chiffon colorfull dress that I can say it is my favorite!!! Lace dresses, pencil skirts, transparency were some of the stylished looks seen on this collection. Satin flower fabrics, tweed suits, vaporous movement outfit after outfit. The black and white clutches gives a strong air. Draped garments and a little lilac complete what we expected for a runway full of feminity. 

And to give a fun touch to this style guide, Dévastée, a runway absolutely full of black and white, they killed it! Comic printed fabrics matching carrot and capri pants for chicest looks. Flower, polka dots, stripes all together fulfilled this collection. Extraordinary! Chiffon blouses buttoned to the neck with shorts reaffirm how stunning you can look with this.

Paris is always ahead of fashion. Watching all this runways is exciting. This city always gives more than what everybody expects. Enjoy it!

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