Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sparkled 2014

Sparkled 2014

Celebrating new year is all about happiness, all the things that we left behind and all the dreams that are still going to come true. Certainly!!

So, we have to seek our joy by wearing what we love; make it brilliant, let the nostalgia for 2013 become the bright light for the year that's gonna give us everything we've asked for. 

Glitter and embellished garments reflect all the things we've talked about, so wear'em with confidence. As a complete party night, give every piece an embellished item. These two sequin dresses have the advantage to be subtle, ironically. You can notice that I chose embellished shoes for the one with pastel colors, thanks to the girlish type of garment it is, you can add more subtle sparkle and it will not look recharged. The whole outfit fits into the line of romantic style. The blue, black and green dress, gives the impression to be more recharged, it's because of the strong hues, so I chose to match it with plain color shoes and a glittery clutch. 

For the outfits on the right, black is a basic and yells glam every time you wear it but I didn't choose the classic plain dress, I chose two types of silver embellished one, that way you get elegance, chicness and a rockish style at the same time. Add some color and make it different with printed fabrics on shoes. Sparkle it up with a glitter clutch. This kind of dresses are more easy to match it with colorful garments, don't limit yourself with the silver touch, just remember that silver is a basic as well and combines with everything. 

You can see that I picked silver jewelry to all of my outfits; silver is trending, a classic that is gaining strenght trhu the year, it gives a different vibe compared to gold. I prefer subtle silver, it's more accentuated, kind of vintage and for my taste, doesn't make you look cheap. 

Don't forget to add some red to your new years outfit to get plenty of love next year.

See you on 2014! Have a wonderful time, party like a rockstar glam girl ;), ask for the wish that you cherish the most at midnight, that's the first one to come true! Happy new year!

Sealed with a kiss! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Accents

Christmas Accents

This blog gets updated once a week, so the next post will be on christmas eve and what better way to tip you about what to wear sooner than later. 

Christmas is a major celebration but not only to reunite with our families, presents, food, but because everybody is looking for some great outfit to wear properly for the occassion. 
It's a night gala, so we'll try our best to dress fancy and glam. That's what this post is about, tips to get something to shine you up and outfit options according to the weather.

I picked up one outfit to winter and one for the tropic. As you know, christmas is more relaxed, more of a time to share it with your beloved ones, it's not so "let's get this party started" type; so I try to choose pieces that makes you comfortable, casual garments, a mix of being a little demure with a little edgy; keeping your style of course. 

Like this 2013 has been too snowy and cold, I've choosen two dresses, one made of wool and one chiffon, depending on how you can manage the weather. These two matches with one jacket, scarf and beanie. Make it shiny with great jewerly; a matching clutch with boots just to balance it a bit and not make too colorful. 

For the rest of the planet that aren't exactly on winter, allowed yourself to wear more unwrapped ;). Short dresses with volume are classy, girlie and perfect for indoors intimate parties. Sparkle your outfit with subtle jewelry, embellish clutches and choose shoes with brilliant materials or a studded version too. Whatever you choose to wear, make it proper for family time.

Have an amazing christmas day, hope every one of your wishes will come true, forgive and forget those who have broke you down and reward with tonz of love those who have been loving you back! Eat a lot!!! 



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Luxe On Time!

Luxe On Time!

This is the season to allowed ourselves be super sparklish. The season where everything is brighter than the sun including you.

This is where non-stop days begin to play. We can pass from a hard day at work to a cocktail night party. The thing is, to give as much brightness as we can to our outfits to get more in accordance to the season.

One dress, two options to sparkle up a bit. Always remember that too much can make you look like a christmas tree and get stolen by the grinch. ;)
These two jackets I picked up are totally what can turn your dress into a party material. Sequins, studded garments are the perfect complement to turn your day into night.

As we have been posting before, bright colors enhance your look to a more vibrant touch. Keep chosing them. We need to give life to winter. The first one (left) is more edgy, with neon colors that balance the outfit with a neutral as black to make it look more glam and steady. For more conservative girls, I choose a grey tone garments but if you realize, the studded boots are kind of edgy and the sequing jacket has a little touches of warm colors, so we have items that separately belong to different styles but together makes a perfect match.

This is a season to be more open about things that you usually won't wear, be audacious. Live trhu your clothes the joy of your heart! 'Till next time!

Sealed with a kiss!!