Thursday, February 20, 2014



Getting inspired to write a blog about trends for the each season, it's kind of a big deal, believe it or not; picking the ones that have more impact on the media/fashion industry and try to recognize the ones that are completely emerging.

This time, I picked one that, so far, can be my huge favorite, colorful, creative and with so much stories and history behind to tell.

In my opinion, tribal has an urban vibe but this time, with glam, very bohemian.  I like to call it "Folklore chic". 

As you know (if you read this blog frequently), I have put my eyes on fringe, you can see it being part of almost everything this season, well, it's part of tribal too.  It's kind of a trademark used on so much of this style garments.  Embroidered, tasseled pieces on accessories, makes it unique from this African culture, handmade items that bring so much stories about how every single piece was made. 

If you see closely, the silohuettes are very feminine, strong feminine, for some people a little edgy but that is what amazed me the most, you can have them both. This style exhale joy, security, attitude on the person who's wearing it. 
Colorful as it is, doesn't distract it's purpose to make you look stylish. 

I choose a whole outfit based on tribal items, paired it between them and try to show you that you can used it all together and still look fabulous. Wild but fab!!

Note: totally in love with the embroidered sandals and the Emilio Pucci belt.  The clutch is the definition of everything, a must!!! I gotta have them in my closet! ;)

Be limitless about Tribal...!!!!

Sealed with a Kiss... 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

NYFW: Get the street style

NYFW: Get the street style

In the world of fashionistas, it's very common to dress or pick pieces of an outfit from those we follow as our fashion icons.

New York fashion week it's completely on, besides of being totally aware of what designers has brought us for fall/winter 2014, we look forward to check what people in the streets is wearing, we are hungry for street style.

There are too many outfits I fell in love with this nyfw, but I had to choose one. Leandra Medine from man repeller blog has caught my attention with this simple look but if you see carefully, it's absolutely full of chicness.

This look resumes most of the things we've been talking about on this particular blog; we can turn a simple outfit into a masterpiece, just by choosing the perfect accessories. The scarf, clutch, boot gives life to a simple stripes top with a jean.

What I love the most, it's the purpose of the outfit, the main garment, the pant boots, they stylized your figure by making legs look taller. The scarf gives a parisian look. And the fringe Valentino red clutch brings a sexy vibe, it's like the colorful final touch and of course, fringe is trendy this season.

Just a different way to keep talking about NYFW. I know we all have been following each runway, each fall/winter 2014 trend, so let's start by making our own.

Sealed with a kiss...

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Fringe Status

The fringe Status

We are so into winter and the whole snow storms that we almost forget that spring is ahead of us.

One of the fun trends available this and I guess next season, is the fringes.  This time more subtle, some garments only have like little touches to give you the look. 

To use it properly, you need to know your body first (this rule apply for everything in fashion). But as this is a volume kind of style, fringes gives the impression to be more wider by the garment you choose. So for example, if you have bigger hips and a small contour, I don't recommend to use fringe skirts, in that case, you need to balance your body and give a little more volume at the top with a subtle fringe blouse. 

Colors are a huge part of the game when it comes to reduce or increase one part of your body; so, when you choose a dark color fringe skirt, you are balancing the volume that the skirt already have, you are adding and subtracting volume at the same time. That's when you make a piece of garment wearable for almost everyone. Rule 2, dark color subtract, bright colors add. 

For this week style guide, I chose a black fringe skirt with purple, nude touches, this is a clear example of what we've been talking about. This is mostly a date night outfit, but works perfectly to a fancy lunch or a work meeting too.  The aquazzura amazon lace up sandals gives the look an amazing chic vibe, so trendy.  Two types of clutches, one plain and the other one with a fringe touch, it depends on how edgy you want your outfit; you can choose either one and not look overcharged, absolutely not! Dannijo jewelry , just a pair of earrings and a bracelet because I think the tops don't need  a necklace and neither the skirt.

Hopefully this trend will give so much to talk about. We need to see how it's going to gain strength.  Enjoy it!

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