Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Whether  you work at a law firm or at a fashion magazine, it's always nice to have a little fun when going to work and what better way than thru your clothes. 

It's great to have a few days off of all that serious enviroment that works sometimes brings. We can make it out by pairing a classy style garment with a sporty one and there, you have it! Still a chic way to dress but with a mix of trends that make it perfect, to show how comfy you are.. and creative as well! ;)
The whole outfit beg for spring, full of joy and fresh.

The main garments of this style are the knee lenght skirt and the baseball jacket; these two define exactly my point. Very discrete, it's a 24/7 outfit, in trend, so chic and classy at the same time. I paired them with a patchwork clutch, which you're going to see it a lot on the runways (a trend that is growing and catching some attentions, mine for example), and a pointed toe pumps, that don't need presentation, you all know that this is a long term relationship with all of us! These pumps are setting a new era. 

Add some more spring color with jewerly. Something that cannot be missed on our outfits, they are the final touch and as the final touch, has to be perfect. Now, jewerly are inspired on baroque style, lots and lots of sparkle  with colorful stones that brings us a positive vibe. 

Remember to be subtle on the way you dress for work, match colors and fabrics as muchs as you want but never, ever, for no reason show to much flesh. Be kind with you. 

Sealed with a kiss...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bright Romance

Bright Romance

"We all are looking for amazing days.."

Pretty plain, kind of serious post, not to much garments or accessories but very bright, alive! Direct to the point!

When I started thinking about what to post for this week, I began to imagine what I want to wear for my next weekend, this is it.. Sooo Me!

It happens that sometimes we let ourselves falls into "what's proper for today" and not choose what we really want, either is in trend or not.

Well, this is me, a little romantic, with sexy touches that I like to call "edgy", very colorful, passionate and simple. 

I have been in love with this dress quite a time and never found a reason to use it until today; love the cuts, how it mold to your silohuette, sexy without making you look tacky. The embroidered flowers are so into season and the golden belt gives a strong rocky vibe. 
A peep toe ankle boots, very fresh, red is a great color, the definition of life, remember that famous quote: "when in doubt wear red", nothing more wise than those words. As I'm a brunette, this color match perfectly with the whole me!.
A clutch that blows my mind, classy, funny, retro, color blocked which is in trend and completely on the spotlight this season. 

Classy chic, for a night out.. Impress your crush, (my crush) and everyone with this outfit. ;)

A little bit of me printed here.. 

Sealed with a giant kiss... 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pastel Block

Pastel Block

What to wear for spring...
I think in every season we look for pieces we are dying for to get in our closets. 

Spring, as ususally, have so many colors that gives sparkles to every trend, this time I choose to play with pastels. They can be as fun as every other strong or neon color of the spectrum.

Here are two different outfits completely wearable and chic for the season.

The first one, very comfy, a color blocked sweater, a short and a pair of Chanel espadrilles which as you know, are super trend and it can make you look fresh and stylish at the same time. Add a touch of flowery spring with this Burberry hand painted bag, although it's a fall '14 runway bag, I couldn't wait to get it into an outfit, besides, fits perfectly for spring too. 

The second one, a more classy, kind of going to work outfit. I pair a tribal printed dress with an envelope color blocked clutch which is one of the trendiest type of clutches for this up coming season. The water snake suede heels, great combination of colors, very artistic and feminine.

Accesories, very subtle and discrete to maintain the line of the style. 

Two outfits that this spring will going to mark a new phase. 

Sealed with a Kiss...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fully On...

Fully On...

Fashion week seasons are getting to an end, unfortunately, but, as I decided to make something different about this blog, let's keep talking about what to wear for the seasons ahead. 

There's no mistery that spring is a colorful season, and it's kind of clichè to make it floral and everything, yes, but that's how we roll it, we love how we start to leave all the heavy clothes behind and bring new trends to our lives, and we love how flowers bring the joy. 

To not write about one trend in one post, here I show you a mix of garments that together create outfits based on latest trends.

First, I started by chosing a classic, denim.  Ripped jeans have been going growing and growing among seasons, it's a must to have at least one in our closets, and with the advantage that they pair with everything.

Next, jackets, we need'em and they are the first impression we give thru our outfit. 

First outfit, florals, always there, this time I chose a pastel/neon jacket that give the vibe the outfit need, paired it with a silver top, as you can notice silver is super trendy this season and it's getting stronger. The shoes, a classic in shape kind of vintage lady look stilettos from Sophia Webster resort SS14 collection, polka dots that designers has called it the new neutral mixed with colorful flowers to make it fun and accord to the season. 

For the other outfit, I choose a fully metallic jacket, a trend that makes you shine with glam, try to pick a plain one with bold hues. An embroidered top, with all the handmade waves , are a feminine way to wear a trend.  And the stilettos that have no other reason that they blow my mind completely!! Totally adore them!!

Accessories, absolutely silver and orange gamma clutches to prepared ourselves for a hot season!!

Thanks for tune in!!!

Sealed with a Kiss.....