Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Pleated Pink

Pleated Pink

One of the spring biggest ideas are the pleats; a very lady look style, vintage modern with movement that exhale elegance.

This form or silohuette is more common on dresses and skirts.  Pleats gives a wider impression, so that's why I think it works better. 

This outfit look is perfect to give balance to your body.  You have a main piece that guide you to a glam space for a glam occasion. Transparency have been an essential touch on few runways for spring, it merge great with the feminity that the skirt already have, combine it with subtle polka dot fabric, also a romantic trend for this season.

I try to maintain the classy female look with pastel colors, but giving a chic strong turn by pairing it with a fuchsia clutch and animal print pointed pumps.

You can notice that every item of the outfit, seeing separately shows a strong vibe, something that can be paired either for a rockish look or as I show here, a feminine one. 

This spring essentials have to stay in our closets, are pieces that will last for a much seasons ahead! Stay tuned!

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stylish Kids

For what I've heard, dealing with kids is not an easy job, but, smart moms have found a fun way to make this task super entertaining thru fashion. 

Stylize your kids could seem easy when you see fashion magazines and brands and try to copy that, but as you do with yourself, everything you see is not wearable.  You have to know what can work for your child and what doesn't; this is where knowing about trends and styles begins to play. 

I've seen so many childs that look like they're on halloween all year long. Moms, please don't do that, less is always more and not every single fashion trend have to be in one outfit. 

This kids are my muses for this post.  They are totally trendy and you can see them very comfortable with what they are wearing, it looks like they were born knowing their style. Of course, it's all mom job!

For Girls:
  • Animal Print: be careful with this, you have to be very subtle, one piece is enough, combine it with plain basics colors and done. 
  • Headbands: only, and only if your girl is comfy with it. Flowers and bows gives always a girlie touch, very feminine and they totally define the look. 
  • Overalls: this is a classic, I wore them when I was little, who doesn't?, try to add a different touch not to make it simple, like you can see on Mia's pic, she's wearing a little neckerchief very appropiate for her age. 

For Boys:
  • Some moms says that is more simple to wear them, it could be true, but with a little more of creativity and a pair of good accessories you can turn it into a masterpiece. You cannot overdress your boys, they have to stay manly. A great jacket, pair of sunglasses that kids loves to wear and a hat, you can have a perfect outfit. 

Remember always that your kids have to be very comfortable and be identify with what they are wearing, otherwise all your efforts are worthless and they are not going to look nice. 

Congrats to this stylish mom with her two amazing kids. They are adorable. Her job is to wear them with great trends and make them still look like kids. 

Sealed with a kiss... 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014



Let's do some streetstyle..!

It's quite an experience to pick new clothes or set an outfit for any girl in the entire universe. It's therapeutic, though.

Yellow, the color that brighten up your style, it reflect happiness, the intelectual part of the mind, it's like having a great luxury party. In my case, I love this color but don't know what happen in my wardrobe that there is a lack of it. Note to self: Buy more yellow garments.  This color attract positive things, hope, makes us look stunning as well. That's why the coat have a main role, it's the first impression on this outfit. 

Embellished shorts, I hope you've realize that I unconsciouly have a blue item in almost every post, this time it caught my attention that beasides it's blue, it' all subtle embroidered.  It's a piece that shines without leaving you blinded ;), comfy, classy, day/night wearable, it totally glams your outfit. This main item stylized your silohuette, is the starting point to choose the rest of the pieces you are pairing it with. 

Gladiator sandals and a cross body fringe bag, the ultimate of the season, it changes the whole definition of a good chic girl style outfit and bring a confident retro woman to it. Very sexy, stylish, a must in our closets when being chic it's all about. 

This outfit it's a set of what we've seen on the streets lately. Have a fantastic voyage picking yours. Enjoy this Holy Week! Give this outfit a final love touch with a red lipstick and red nail polish.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Silver Closet

One element that cannot be missed in our outfits,
are jewelry.  This is the final piece that define the
whole style of what you are wearing.

Now designers create unique pieces inspired to inspire us. This jewel designer, Maukev , have an entire collection "Afrik &  Silver" based on what we can wear without having a special style. That's what I like the most, you can choose whatever piece and adapt it to you. 

I chose three pieces for this guide, pieces that either you have a casual or gala outfit, can work. Made with finest materials that will last for life. Design inspired on Vikings, very stunning, it's the spotlight of any outfit, feminine and sexy. 

A choker that perfectly fits the shape of your neck, shinny, made with sterling silver, a plus because silver as you all know is super trendy right now, you can combine it with all kinds of colors and printed items. The rings are completely unique, eclectic, a piece that according to the designer can work to protect you if it's necessary. 

Now is your chance to look for the perfect outfit to combine this pieces with. Enjoy and choose wisely, this pieces has to stand out on your wardrobe. 

To watch and get the entire collection you can visit: www.maukev.com

Yo can also visit Cityblis for any purchases by using this link: www.cityblis.com/join?i=3082 

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014



There is no better way to look amazing than being spontaneous. Sometimes we just need to go with the flow and not prepare too much an outfit.  

Be at the vanguard of fashion can be sometimes exhausting as much as expensive and let's be honest, we like trends, but we don't dress on a day to day rutine as taken out of a runway show. Unless you are Anna Dello Russo. ;)

The greatness of not been that attached to fashion is that there's no boundaries; you can create your own style, yes, but don't get stuck, try different ones that will lead you to what you really want or need depending on your mood, place, to name a few. Grab random pieces of different styles and get your outfit done; sometimes we want to be a rocker or sometimes a princess, in fashion we can play different roles.

I enjoyed pairing this outfit a lot, just because I didn't think of a special trend or so, just picked something I completely wear, something that I can be comfortable with, something with my signature on. 

You can see that every piece of garment are from diverse styles that together make a great composition. It have a dash of daring, very chic and classy. A warm outfit, just perfect for this season. 

Sealed with a kiss....