Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Job Attire

Job Attire

Well, let's get back to work... 

There's something about work clothes that always captivates me, is the ingenuityof the people to maintain a certain look proper to an every day style, proper for a place that require subtlety.

Sometimes, this ingenuity works in a good, perfect way or sometimes is a total fail. The thing is, we have to be dynamic and as long as our work environment allows us to, be a little daring.

We cannot let ourselves wrap into boring clothes by thinking that being serious and neat (what some works need) means that. But we have to be very clear about what we wear for work and what we wear for a night out. We have to be respectful with the people we work with and with ourselves. 

Here's an outfit that can guide you to a great day to day outfit.  This is a versatile one, fresh and elegant.  

The jacket is a plus, it gives a glam vibe, a better way to improve your outfit. The fact that is embellished gives an elegant touch to what it could be more sporty with a t-shirt on. 
The t-shirt depends on what items you are pairing it with to define a look; either is sporty or like in this case fancy fresh, besides, is very comfy. 
The belted trouser is consider to be one of the most wanted pieces for working girls; it gives a professional look, serious but chic. The combination of a retro pant with a pink color makes it look feminine and classy. 
A yellow calf hair sandals have to be a must for work, yes, sometimes they tend to get you tired, but we get used to and when we are forced to use it everyday, we need to find and prove different styles and brand suntil we find the perfect for us. Heels are for confident women, definitely.
A fringe bag, totally trendy. They gotta  have a bunch of space for all the stuff we carry on. 
To accessorize your work look, remember to be subtle, not to much of eye blinded jewelry. I choose snake style for a more daring touch; you can see that they have a mix between delicate and strong. Snakes gives you power! ;)

To add a vibrant touch, choose a higher tone of lipstick and nail polish. 

Work it and rock it babes..!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flip On

Flip On

For some people, the art of shopping is way too hard to understand. 

We make the mistake to standardize an outfit, buying some garment to wear it once or twice maximum because is wearing the same outfit all over again, for example, pairing a dress with the same bag, same shoes, every single time. I've seen girls doing that and saying "I don't know how to wear it different"... and not weird girls, trust me! 

This post is all about turning an outfit into day/night or sporty/casual by changing just some accessories and boom! you have ten different choices to pick. 

It's very simple and it's when shoes and handbags become essentials, more essential!. You can see two options by a side in every of the three outfits shown, one with flats and tote bags which make it more relaxing and one with heels and clutches that makes it more casual. Whatever option you choose is equally glamorous and chic. 

The secret is not to catalog the outfit by thinking "is just for this.. or just for that". Just pair it with different shoes, bags and accessorize it depending on how you wish to look. 

Jackets are always a fancy way to glamour your style. 

Sealed with a kiss... 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How I attended to the Met Gala..

Every year, The Met Gala, has been characterized by a theme, "White tie and decoration" for this year. Some of the designers and their guests attending to the show, did a great job with creativity that was proper for the gala but some of them were a total fail. 

I'm only going to make a brief resume of what I like the most. 

Topshop had a major appearance, this brand was "beyond fashion" and not because it made a huge dresses with embroidered garments or something like that, but because is a brand that we are used to see the other side of.  This time the dresses were magnificent as the girls in them. Very impecable and stunnig! Great job!
Photo taken by Topshop Intagram

Three designers with its guests that looked completely outstanding were the ones conformed by Dianne Von Furstenberg, Dolce and Gabbana and Stella McCartney. They knew how to made your silohuettes stand out. 
  • DVF with Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez, both amazing, very subtle, feminine, classy, with dresses that accentuated their figure. Impecable make ups and touches of retro hairstyles.
  • Dolce and Gabbana with Bianca and Coco Brandolini, both dresses totally differents, a designer that never goes out of style. They looked effortless although they show a lot of work and dedication. Every details of the outfits exhales elegance.
  • Stella McCartney with Cara Delevigne, Reese Witherspoon and Kate Bosworth, what can I say about her, it's my favorite, it handle black and white as it's finest; loved every single dress, with cuts that stand out a silhouette, so glam, minimalism, highly suitable for the evening. 

Photos taken by Fashionweeknyc, Dolce&Gabbana, StellaMcCartney's instagram respectively.
My favorite couple are Diane Kruger who wore a silver sequined gown by Jason Wu for Hugo Boss and boyfriend Joshua Jackson, they both looked absolutely charming, stick to the white tie theme, adorable.
Two couples that shined by it's own were John Leyend-Chrissy Teigen on Ralph Lauren Collection and Ryan Reynolds- Blake Lively looked thrilled both dressed in Gucci. A subtle sparkles, very glam and sexy at the same time, so classy. Gorgeous!

Photos of Diane Kruger and Blake Lively taken by Metmuseum's instagram and of John Leyend 
And last but not least, my top gowns of the evening: 
  • Emmy Rossum in Carolina Herrera, a spring floral gown, colorful, stand out on the red carpet, a perfect hair style, remarkable silhouette, touches of color that pops up. Nailed it!
    Photo taken by Metmuseum's instagram front and nytimesfashion's instagram back.
  • Hailee Steinfeld on Prabal Gurung, Perfect!! Impecable, very proper for a night gala. We saw a lot of black and white but this is definitely my top!

    Photos taken by Prabal Gurung instagram back and nytimesfashion instagram front.
  • Adele Exarcopoulos in Prada, flashes of light gown, nice hair do, perfect make up.  Suki Waterhouse wearing a silk Burberry dress, Anna Kendrick in J.Mendel, Sarah Silverman in Zac Posen and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Valentino were amazing. These are my best dressed of the gala. 

Photos taken by Prada, Burberry, J.Mendel, Zac Posen, Maison Valentino's instagram respectively.

An evening with so much glam, designers took their best, dresses that everyone can wear, I saw so much retro like 1600's ball, that I love; And a theme that took everyone to shine!

Sealed with a Kiss...