Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Get These Two Looks. / 25.06.14

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Two fashion icons, two sexy, casual and glam looks.

The one that Olivia palermo wore for the Janelle Monae concert, a simple outfit, all denim which I think is very appropiate for this kind of event, paired it with a black and white jacket that makes a complete turn by giving airs of chicness; the cut-out laced sandals stylized the whole outfit and it's completed with an embellished clutch that adds a funny touch with a pop of color. 

The second outfit (you can see it by clicking the next look), totally a summer outfit by Jessica Alba, she wore it for a talk show in New York City.  A floral midi skirt paired with a cobalt blue top, the color that you see less in the printed garment. Nice combination, perfect to make it stand out. 
White isn't my favorite color when it comes to shoes and bags but I have to recognize that this outfit brings a subtle, romantic touch with this pointy-toe pumps and the leather bag, all in white. You don't need to dress it up more to have a stunning look. 

Simplicity is the key of these two outfits. They do the honor to the old saying "less is more". They are the best midsummer street styles.

Get the look and nail it ..!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Colombia at the World Cup

Colombia at the World Cup

It doesn’t matter which team are you supporting, wether you like football or not, everyone have the eyes on the Brazil World Cup . 

I’m aware of that cliché (not so wrong) phrase about the doubtful/uncertain knowledge some girls have in terms of football. For the ones that this phrase touch, including me, there are so many other topics to write and talk about, fashion, players and how gorgeous they look to name a few ;). Here’s a link that you can check

We cannot support our team, in my case Colombia, without dressing appropiate. I chose a different style for our world cup celebration than the one we usually wear: a pair of jean/short and the team jersey.

With the world cup being in Brazil, a country near the ocean with a summer weather, perfect to spend our days at the beach with a cosmo in our hands, what better than swimwear?!. 

This is an outfit to look fresh, comfy, with the colors of our flag. Combining colors that we aren’t used to match or that in our minds are setting for some other things, sometimes can be disastrous. We tend to pair the same color at different garments in one outfit, that makes it unappealing. Bathing suits is what makes it pop here, so try to be more neutral on the outside. Either way is a team supporting outfit, so be creative! 

Don’t ever forget to protect your skin from the sun, wear flats, huge tote bags and music, what is life without music?

Colombia is playing on thursday, so all my great energy and love to my team. 
My sexy team players? Iker Casillas,David Ospina among others

Have a nice stay at the beach.. Watch the World Cup, don’t miss a detail… 

Sealed with a kiss…

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You're Invited...!

You're Invited...!

It's very common that weddings are the most celebrated events on this season. Everybody wants to get married on summer and to take advantage of the weather, day time weddings are a great choice. 

For this types of weddings (unless the invite says otherwise), casual code is what takes place. We can never obviate that is a wedding and for more infomal it may seem, we have to dress elegant. An easy part of this type of events is that short lenght is allowed. Well, not too short of course. 

There´s a few rules that cannot be forgotten by the guests:
1. Discretion.
2. White is only but only allowed if the bride request it, there's no exception. 
3. The bride is the only one who can stand out, shine.. It's her day not yours.

Based on this points, I chose three different outfits that's going to make you look great without being the protagonist. Remember that afternoon almost night weddings have different codes. 

  • A black and white outfit, short dress that makes a balance with the long sleeves which make it more fancy. A subtle pair of earrings and a ring because the dress already have an statement. 
  • A pencil skirt: this outfit is very colorful but elegant at the same time. Funky glam chic ;) You can play with colors and still maintain a glam versatility. Perfect for a country side wedding. 
  • An almost monochromatic look: some girls love pants and doesn't feel way too comfortable on dresses or skirts, so this is an outfit for 'em. Add some brightness with shiny garments, always discrete remeber that. Don't overdo it with accessories. Romance in this style!
All the three outfits are sexy without being too showy. Have an amazing wedding day..! If you are still single, don't grab the bouquet, after three times you don't get married, or so I read somewhere ;)
Long live to Love..!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

From Coast to Coast

From Coast to Coast

Finally, the season most expected from everyone. Welcome summer, welcome to brighten up our days!

Summer is always about sunny days, beach, shorts and clothes in which we are as most comfortable as we can be; all because of hot days. Those cannot be reasons to wear sloppy, this post is to show you this season's fancy entrance. 

Colorful, a mix between bright and pastel hues. 
Black cannot be left out of the spotlight, this color enhance every other color of the spectrum and also gives a glam vibe with every little touches on the garments we are wearing.

This is a classy outfit, paired it with different trends, fresh, proper for the high temperatures to make you look stylish. 

Summer will bring every single dream come true and every wish to stay for good.

Enjoy! This is just the beginning....