Saturday, July 19, 2014

Stunning Summer

Summer, the perfect reason to celebrate any birthday, new job or just a 20 year friendship with a cosmopolitan by the pool or at a beach house. Oh God, How I love that!

Anyway, set up an outfit for this kind of events is not that complicated, the only thing we need to consider is the addition of pieces made for swimwear. 

This pieces are made with materials, fabrics, accessories that match perfect with water, sand, sun. If you see closely, the outfits I matched for this post are technically for any summer day paired it with:

A raffia and seagrass tote bags, materials that call for beach, perfect size to put inside all the stuff we need to stay under the sun. They are bags with fantastic designs that light up the whole outfit. 
Straw hats to give a more natural vibe, they are a super chic piece. 
Lace and crochet garments because I totally love the subtle romantic touch they bring. They match great with swimsuits.
Wedges and sandals are what I recommend for this kind of looks. If your outfit demand a little more of glam (like the first one), wedges are ideal, they stylized your figure with a summery touch. 
I picked subtle chains necklaces and braided thread boho bracelets for a surfer chic style. 

And finally, always, no matter what, put color to your outfit, lots of color following your chosen gamma for the style.  Black is always an option, just try to balance it with delicate materials, sleveless tops/dresses for a more fresh look. 
Note: For a black look, I will definitely go for a bohemian style, light fabrics. And totally the rest of the pieces will go on color. Never a total black look for a day at the beach, well, not for me. 

"A little sand between the toes always takes away the woes." 


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baggie Edition

Once you get into bags, there's no way back. For me, bags are like shoes "a girl can never have enough".

This is an important piece of any outfit. It determines whether your outfit is casual, sporty or glamorous. You can lead your outfit to a style that fits you. 

There are so many types, this time, I've classified them by basics, color blocking and printed/embellished; is an easy and fastest way to set up your outfit. 
  • Basics: colors like black, white, sand, nude, these are the ones that goes with everything, from an outfit with printed items to a total color look. These are the bags that gives an statement. I paired the outfit with different options, so you can appreciate and see that depending on the bag, the outfit will turn into a different style. A tote bag is more serious, backpack to a fresher sporty look and a shoulder handbag and to get a boho touch. 

  • Printed/embellished: I can call them "the amusing ones"; everytime you wear one of these, your outfit pops up! I love them. Perfect to mark a trend inside your whole look. Embellished ones gives that romantic, rockish vive. Try to make your clutch/bag stand out from your outfit by chosing more subtle garments. If you have a nice elaborate piece, you should highlight it. 

  • Color blocking: they have the mix of basic and printed. They are a little more discrete, but depending on the colors, they could be an edgy piece. The are characterized by giving many options of color at the time to match your garments, is like they have no limits.

Spend your shopping time by chosing bags that will last for life. Never, ever, for any reason buy a fake bag. There are so many incredible brands with great quality leather materials, creative designs at different prices so everyone can afford one. Besides, is so tacky to own one, a waste of style and glam. 

Enjoy your beautiful summer days, have a nice weekend, see ya'!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Monochrome You

I Monochrome You by silvanacasalins81 on

In the world of fashion, people are always trying to create new ideas, new colors combinations, etc. and it's great, but sometimes, what we look is a color that matches all in one style. A color that define us. 

Monochromatic looks tend to be "boring" for some people, but I think is a matter of perspective, for me, is totally the other way around; it's a complete elegant, polish, chic way to wear a garment. It's up to you to choose the right pieces to make it work. 

When the "right" garments start to play more than anything, you need to pay attention to the smallest details. Need to know how to pick wisely a fabric, with movement, great quality and of course, one that you can pair with any other, that way, you can use it for different outfits. The color, this is important,  it has to be in the same gamma, it doesn't matter if it's a little bit different but to be a monochromatic look, the hue must be as close/similar as possible. 

Personally, I like to construct a monochromatic look with neutrals, basic colors (nude, black, white, pale pink, gray, sand), these are subtle colors that gives you a bigger perspective at the time to pair your pieces. If you like to add a different touch to the outfit to break the chromaticism, just add one garment with a strong color (red, emerald, cobalt blue), for example, a bag or a pair of shoes, this is a great way to make it fun. If your outfit is based on a strong color, then choose one garment with a neutral to balance. 

These three outfits shows you exactly what I'm trying to explain, creative, glamorous and perfect for this season. You can make it a master piece if you choose well.  

Black and white are still rocking the streets of summer so keep trying it on! 

See you next week!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summery Summer

Summer is to have fun, be daring, be romantic and of course, be proper for what the sun has to offer.

This three outfits have their own personalities each. They have what it takes to be creative by maintaining a glam style specially when the hot weather hit us. 

The first outfit, print on print, an outfit you can wear either for work day or a cocktail evening. Combining prints have its tricks, like for example, they must have one matching color at least.   If you already have two printed garments, try to maintain a balance by chosing plain color garments for the rest of the outfit, as you can see here. Accessorize it having in mind that with this types of outfits, the printed items are the ones to stand out, so be subtle. 

The second outfit, girlie, feminine look. A printed skirt paired with neutrals, is a classic, but classic never goes out of style. Very summery, with touches of a woman with attitude, a huge heart and a complete sense of glamour. I try to make it more colorful by adding some strong color lipstick and nail polish, a great way to enhance your total look. 

Third outfit, this is romance, total and absolute summer fling style ;). It works either to go to a beach encounter or a lunch in the city. Paired it with a straw tote bag which leads the outfit to a more day time style, light blue sandals that adds more color but still in the line of subtleness.  Plenty of color on the accessories and a romantic make up touch. 

In terms of which color are more wearable for summer, I would say, all of them!! It's summer, you need to be creative, need to reflect joy and that's what colorful pieces bring. White is a neutral and it fits perfectly in a total look or pair it with others, try it on, absolutely. 

Get ready to plan your every day outfits,
get ready to plan your weekend look, 
get ready to rock it at work and
Get ready to have the poshest outfits all summer long!!!